1. PA19 Series Digital AmmeterThis product has a programmable transformation ratio, and some excellent functions can be expanded, such as digital input, relay output, analog output, communication function, etc. Meanwhile, a high-light LED or LCD is applied, and the communication protocol is Modbus-RTU.
      This digital ammeter has different mounting dimensions, and it can take the place of analog ammeter directly.
    1. Sfere Series Power Quality MonitorSfere series power quality monitor can precisely detect various commonly-used electrical parameters, and it also has other scientifically designed functions, including digital communication, off-limit alarming, switching status monitoring, pulse output, analog output, etc. This product is widely used in industry, intelligent building, energy management system, public facility and other fields. In addition, our product is equipped with many I/O modules ...
    1. PD19 Series Power Quality MonitorOur product can precisely measure all the commonly-used electrical parameters of three-phase power grid, such as voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and others, and it also realizes 4-quadrant electricity measurement, U/I/P/Q demand detection, bi-directional electricity metering, multi-rate electricity calculation, automatic data recording, analog input monitoring, as well as digital input monitoring.
    1. JD194-BS Series Electrical Multifunction TransducerThis product can accurately detect all the commonly used electrical parameters in three-phase power grid, and standard AC voltage and current inputs are both applicable. Aside from these, it is equipped with communication ports, and there are also some scalable functions, such as analog output, relay output, digital input diction, electricity pulse output, etc. Furthermore, this electrical multifunction transducer supports standard AC/DC voltage and current outputs.