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PZ19 Series Digital Voltmeter

The PZ19 series digital voltmeter is suitable for single-phase and three-phase voltage measurement in low voltage power distribution system. It has a programmable transformation ratio, and some excellent functions can be expanded, such as digital input, relay output, analog output, communication function, etc. Meanwhile, this product contains many installation sizes.

This product is equipped with a high-light LED or LCD, and the communication protocol is Modbus-RTU. Based on these properties, it can fully replace conventional analog voltmeter.

Technical Parameters
Item Description
Accuracy Class 0.5 (default), class 0.2
Display LED or LCD
Input Rated Input AC: 100V, 220V, 380V, etc.
Overload Continuous: 1.2 times
Instantaneous: 2 times/1 second for voltage
Frequency 45-65 Hz
Power Supply Working Range AC/DC: 80V~270V
Power Consumption ≤5VA
Analog Output Current output: DC 4~20mA and others, load ≤350Ω
Voltage output: DC 0~5V and others, load ≥20kΩ
Communication Interface: RS-485
Protocol: Modbus-RTU
Baud rate: 4800 bps for default setting, and full range is 2400-9600 bps
Relay Output Relay contact capacity: AC 5A/250V resistive, DC 5A/30V resistive
Digital Input Dry contact
Isolated Withstand Voltage Between power supply and input: ≥2kV AC
Between power supply and output: ≥2kV AC
Between output and input: ≥1kV AC
Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ
Mean Time Between Failures ≥50000h
Working Condition Ambient temperature: -10~55℃
Relative humidity: ≤93%
No corrosive gas
Storage Temperature: -25~70℃
Relative humidity: ≤93%
Altitude ≤2500m

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PZ19 Series Digital Voltmeter

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