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DIN-Rail Mounting Electric Energy Meters

Our DIN-rail mounting electric energy meter is characterized by DIN-rail mounting, fast installation as well as reliable performance, and it is suitable for various places, providing accurate electricity measurements. Also, it conforms to the standard of IEC 62053-21 Class 1.

1. Our electric energy meter adopts 35mm rail installation as regulated by DIN standard, and it meets the requirements of DIN EN50022 standard as well.
2. This product is designed to detect voltage, current, power and other electrical parameters. It also possesses other functions, such as electric energy calculation, bi-directional electricity metering, multi-tariff electricity measurement, automatic data recording, etc.
3. RS485 port is equipped for data communication, and the communication protocol is DL/T645-1997.
4. The valid data storage period is no less than 10 years after electricity is cut off, and our product has a wide-range temperature LCD.

Technical Parameters
Item Data
Accuracy Active energy: Class 1 Active energy: Class 1
Reactive energy: Class 2
Voltage Range Normal working range: 0.9-1.1 Un
Extreme working range: 0.7-1.2 Un
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Starting Current Direct mode: 0.004 Ib
CT mode: 0.002 Ib
Power Voltage circuit: ≤1.5W/5VA
Current circuit: ≤2VA
Electricity Pulse Pulse Width: 80ms ±20ms
Communication RS485 port, DL/T645-1997 or Modbus-RTU
Temperature Range Normal working range: -10℃-45℃
Extreme working range: -25℃-55℃
Storage and transportation range: -25℃-70℃
Relative Humidity ≤85% (without condensing)
Installation Size 75×88×73.5 125×88×73.3
Configured Functions
Function Single-Phase Energy Meters Three-Phase Energy Meters (3P4W) Three–Phase Energy Meters (3P3W)
DDS1946 DDSF1946 DTS1946 DTSF1946 DTSD1946 DDS1946 DSSF1946 DSSD1946
Rated Voltage 220V 3×57.7/100V, 3×220/380V 3×100V, 3×380V
Rated Current 1.5(6), 5(20), 10(40), 20(80), 30(100) A
Energy Metering Active

Bi-Directional Metering

Multi-Tariff Metering

Real Time Measuring Voltage



Power Factor

Pulse Output
Communication Optional Optional Optional
Note: " ■ "means this function is configured.

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