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JD194-BS Series Power Transducer

JD194-BS series power transducer is specially designed to finish the measuring and converting procedures of active power or reactive power. Also, it realizes standard DC voltage or current output as well as standard AC voltage or current output.

Technical Parameters
Item JD194-BS4P, JD194-BS4P-Y, JD194-BS4Q, JD194-BS4Q-Y
Accuracy Class 0.5
Input Wiring Mode 3P3W, 3P4W(Y)
Voltage Nominal Value 100V, 380V
Overload Continuous: 1.2Ue
Instantaneous: 2Ue/10s
Power Consumption <1VA
Current Nominal Value 1A, 5A
Overload Continuous: 1.2Ie
Instantaneous: 10Ie/5s
Power Consumption <1VA
Frequency 45-65Hz
Output Type 4-20mA, 4-12-20mA
Load Resistance Current output: RL≤500Ω
Voltage output: RL≥5kΩ
Output Ripple < 2×fundamental error
Response Time 300ms
Power Supply Range AC/DC 80~270V
Power Consumption ≤5VA
Environment Operation Temperature: -10~55℃
Relative humidity: <93% RH
No corrosive gas
Altitude: ≤2500m
Storage Temperature: -20~75℃
Relative humidity: <93% RH
Insulation Strength 2kV/50Hz/1min

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JD194-BS Series Power Transducer

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Power Measuring Device | AC Power Transducer | DC Power Transmitting Instrument

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