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JD194-BS Series Frequency Transducer

JD194-BS series frequency transducer is used to detect frequency in the power grid, and then output the isolated signal in the form of one-channel standard AC/DC voltage or current.

Model JD194-BS4P/Q4T
Accuracy Class 0.5
Input Wiring Mode 3P3W, 3P4W(Y)
Voltage Nominal Value 100V, 380V
Overload Continuous: 1.2Ue
Instantaneous: 2Ue/10s
Power Consumption <1VA
Current Nominal Value 1A, 5A
Overload Continuous: 1.2Ie
Instantaneous: 10Ie/5s
Power Consumption <1VA
Frequency 45-65Hz
Expanded Function Energy Pulse 2 ways, pulse width: 80ms±20%
Analog Output RL≤500 Ω, 4-20mA, 4-12-20mA
Digital Input -
Output Ripple < 2×fundamental error
Response Time 300ms
Power Supply Working Range AC/DC 80-270V
Power Consumption ≤5VA
Environment Operation Temperature: -10~55℃
Relative humidity: <93% RH
No corrosive gas
Altitude: ≤2500m
Storage Temperature: -20~75℃
Relative humidity: ≤93% RH
Insulation Strength 2kV/50Hz/1min

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JD194-BS Series Frequency Transducer

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