1. JD194-BS Series Current TransducerJD194-BS series current transducer is designed to realize the measurement and conversion of 1-channel or 3-channel current. The single-channel type can output isolated 1 channel analog signal, 2 channel analog signals, or 1 channel digital signal. However, the three-channel type is designed to output isolated 3 channel analog signals and 1 channel digital signal. Moreover, our product supports standard DC voltage/current output and standard AC voltage/current output.
    1. JD194-BS Series Voltage TransducerJD194-BS series voltage transducer is able to detect 1-channel or 3-channel voltage signals, and then converts these signals into other form. Our product contains two types, single-channel type and three-channel type. The single-channel type can output isolated 1-channel analog signal, 2-channel analog signal, or 1-channel digital signal. As for the three-channel type, it can output isolated 3-channel analog signal and 1-channel digital signal.
    1. JD194-BS Series Power TransducerJD194-BS series power transducer is specially designed to finish the measuring and converting procedures of active power or reactive power. Also, it realizes standard DC voltage or current output as well as standard AC voltage or current output.
    1. JD194-BS Series Frequency TransducerJD194-BS series frequency transducer is used to detect frequency in the power grid, and then output the isolated signal in the form of one-channel standard AC/DC voltage or current.
    1. JD194-BS Series Power Factor TransducerJD194-BS series power factor transducer fits for the measurement of single-phase or three-phase power factor in power grid when the load is balanced, and then outputs isolated standard DC/AC voltage or current. In addition, digital communication is optional.
    1. JD194-BS Series Electrical Multifunction TransducerThis product can accurately detect all the commonly used electrical parameters in three-phase power grid, and standard AC voltage and current inputs are both applicable. Aside from these, it is equipped with communication ports, and there are also some scalable functions, such as analog output, relay output, digital input diction, electricity pulse output, etc. Furthermore, this electrical multifunction transducer supports standard AC/DC voltage and current outputs.

Electrical Measuring Transducer

Electrical measuring transducer is a device that converts measured electrical parameter (current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor, etc.) into isolated DC current, DC voltage or digital signal. JD194-BS series electrical measuring transducer contains many types including current type, voltage type, power type, frequency type, power factor type and electrical multifunction type.

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Electrical Measurement Transducer | Electricity Measuring Instrument | Energy Conversion Device