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WDH-31 Series Motor Protection Controller

WDH-31 series motor protection controller is applied to detect the three-phase asynchronous motor in the main circuit, and the rated voltage of motor can reach up to 660V. This product integrates many start-stop control as well as protection functions, and it monitors all the electrical parameters of motor to judge and handle different failures during starting, working and stopping processes of motor. There are various preset protection parameters, and they will help drive contactor or circuit breaker automatically to cut off power supply and stop the motor. At the same time, the user will be informed in time via LCD display, LED indicator, relay output, error uploading, etc. Thus, the motor and MCC (motor control center) are both well protected.

This motor protection controller can build up communication networks with different bus types, realizing decentralized control protection and centralized management. It adopts modular design, and also features small size, compact structure, convenient installation, etc. Owing to these, our product is compatible with draw-out type (including 1/4 drawer type), fixed type, and mixed type switch cabinets, such as MNS, GCS, GCK, GGD, etc.

Features of WDH-31-200
1. This model has a high price-performance ratio, and can work instead of ammeter, voltmeter, transducer, thermal relay, current transformer and other devices.
2. It shows the features of modular design, small size, and flexible structure. Meanwhile, the transformer and main body can be installed together or separately.
3. The operating condition of motor is displayed, and the latest 3 failure records are stored.

Features of WDH-31-210
1. The WDH-31-210 motor protection controller is designed to detect the single phase voltage, three-phase current, and residual current.
2. This product reveals the motor state on-site, and it can save relevant information about the latest 8 times of motor trips, including time scale.
3. It can provide 5 channels of programmable digital input and 4 channels of programmable relay output at the most. Additionally, the digital input is dry contact type.

Features of WDH-31-500 and WDH-31-510
1. These two models fit for the measurements of three phase current, three phase voltage, residual current and analog input.
2. Our products offer 12 channels of programmable digital input and 7 channels of programmable relay output at the most, and the digital input can be selected between dry and wet contact types. The digital input is programmable, so our product meets different protection requirements.
3. As for all the protection functions, alarming value and operating value are set simultaneously, and can be enabled or disabled respectively. Depending on the actual working condition of motor, professional staff will set and adjust the protection parameters, and data won't be lost even if electricity is cut off.

Technical Parameters of WDH-31-200
Rated Voltage of Motor AC380V or AC660V, 50Hz
Rated Current of Motor 0.1A-800A
Insulation Resistance >100MΩ
Auxiliary Power Supply
Working Range AC/DC 80-270V
Working Environment
Ambient Temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
Relative Humidity ≤93% RH
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ 70℃
IP Rating of Front Panel IP65
Others On the working site, there should be no explosive media, conducting medium or gas that may corrode metal or damage insulation.
Protection Accuracy
Starting Value of Voltage/Current ±2% of preset value
Accumulative Value of Thermal Capacity ±1% of preset value
Delay Time Preset delay time <2s: ±100ms
Preset delay time ≥2s: ±5%
Relay Output
Contact Capacity of Control Relay AC 250V/8A (Resistive), AC 250V/5A (AC 15)
Contact Capacity of Signal Relay AC 250V/3A (Resistive), DC30V/3A (Resistive)
Electro Magnetic Compatibility
Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Class Ш
Electrical Fast Transient Immunity Class Ш
Electrical Surge Immunity Class Ш
Oscillatory Wave Immunity Class Ш
Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field Radiation Immunity Class Ш
Radio Frequency Conduction Immunity Class Ш
Power Frequency Immunity Class A
Conducted Emission Test 150kHz-30MHz
Radiated Emission Test 30MHz-1000MHz
Withstand Voltage
Between Power Supply and Input AC 2kV/1min
Between Power Supply and Output AC 2kV/1min
Between Input and Output AC 2kV/1min

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WDH-31 Series Motor Protection Controller

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