Airport Power Monitoring System

Key Application
Beijing Capital International Airport
Wuhan Tianhe Airport
Nanchang Changbei International Airport
Sichuan Kangding Airport
Xizang Ali Airport

Airport Problems
Without any doubt, as the taking off and landing place for planes, airport is one of the most important traffic hubs in modern society. An airport has a much bigger area than a railway station, thus, a complete and reliable power monitoring system should be equipped to monitor and control the power supply system instead of manual mode. From this point of view, powerful and precise detection equipment, and intelligent power distribution device are of great importance.

Our Plan
There are more than one substations in the airport, and our Sfere series power quality monitor is installed in every substation to measure relevant parameters. This product works together with M1 module (6DI/2DP) to upload the real-time status of circuit breaker and failure information to management system. At the same time, the power monitoring system directly assign demands to meters to adjust the status of circuit breaker.

Thanks to our plan, the normal power supply for all the facilities in the airport is maintained, the power quality is detected and analyzed, and the idle circuits are cut off to save electricity. In addition, the substation just requires a few people, and even unattended working mode is available.

Case: Power Monitoring System for Nanchang Changbei Airport
Sfere100 and M1 modules are installed at the working site, and our power monitoring software is also applied. Thus, all the substations are inspected, and the power quality of corresponding loop is real-time analyzed. After the data are uploaded, they are further processed and stored. Aside from this, this system can remotely control circuit breaker, and operating personnel is not required to go to the working site, which saves labor power greatly.

Vital Equipment
Sfere3000 power monitoring system
PD19 series power quality monitor
Sfere series power quality monitor
S3000 network communication controller

Related Names
Airport Power Measurement | Smart Power Distribution System