Building Power Monitoring System

Main Cases
Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest)
Beijing Capital International Airport
Shanghai Textile Building
Nantong International Commerce Center
Chengdu Aerospace Technology Building

Characteristics of Building Industry
With the rapid development of building industry, the buildings are becoming larger and higher, and different functions are very necessary for the intelligent buildings. Considering this, traditional building management system can't meet these requirements any longer.

Building automation system and real-time monitoring system are essential nowadays. For example, conventional manual data recording is very practical in the old time. However, its shortcomings make it unsuitable to meet the data analyzing operations. Also, people pay a lot of attention to the fire-proof performance in a high-rise building, and electrical fire protection devices must be equipped. Furthermore, total automation and unattended operation mode are in great demand for power monitoring, remote control, data recording and analysis, building electrical fire, etc.

In a 10kV or 35kV switching station, SDP5100 series computer protection devices can be installed to monitor and real-time protect the power grid, and the detailed protection parameter setting makes it applicable for various conditions.

PD19 and PA2000 series power quality monitors are usually used for public distribution transformer, to realize the measurement and uploading of common electrical parameters. Aside from this function, they are also capable of multi-tariff electricity calculation and direct power quality detection. In addition, these devices support multi-way relay output, and remote switching operation is realized as well with the help of system software.

Safety always comes first in any human activity, and electrical fire protection is vital for any building. The SCK600 series residual current and temperature detectors can work together with SCK680 electrical fire monitoring device to well protect the building from devastating electrical fire.

Powerful but simple monitoring software is very important for the management system, and our Sfere 3000 power monitoring software is specially designed for power system. It has real-time power grid monitoring function, and realizes data sharing with building automation system, so centralized data control is available. Furthermore, the SCK680 electrical fire monitoring device supervises all the data collected by electrical fire detectors, and the centralized alarming mode covers a large area which is very convenient and meaningful.

Case: Power Monitoring System for Nantong International Commerce Center

Different floors and many power distribution rooms are connected together by TCP/IP network and network communication controllers, and the PD91 power quality monitor carries out the measurements of electrical parameters on site. Then, the data are transferred to the control center and displayed on the monitor, and further treatment will be executed. In this way, all the parameters are monitored, and corresponding demand will be sent out to control the circuit breaker.

Primary Devices
SCK600 alarm and control system for electrical fire prevention
Sfere3000 power monitoring system
Sfere series power quality monitor
PA2000 series power quality monitor
PD19 series power quality monitor
SCK600 series electrical fire detector
S3000 network communication controller

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