Power Monitoring System in Cement Industry

Major Cases
Vietnam Anping Cement
Oman Cement Plant
Fujian Cement Plant
Wu'an Xinfeng Cement Plant
Hangzhou Meiya Cement Plant

Requirements of Cement Industry
As we know, cement industry is one of the high energy consumption industries, and the energy cost for large cement factory takes a large part of total production cost. At present, all the cement factories lay great emphasis on reducing energy consumption and improving utilization efficiency of electricity.

Sfere series and PD19 series power quality monitors are capable of detailed calculation and analysis for electric energy, and they also have other functions, including multi-tariff electricity metering, active and reactive power measurement, power demand recording, etc. Thus, these models fully satisfy the requirements of energy management system and energy analysis system.

WDH-31 series motor protection controller offers excellent protection for motors with different powers in the cement industry, realizing overcurrent protection, overheat protection, trip setting and other operations. Current under 250A can be connected to the main circuit directly, while current above 250A is connected using mutual inductor. Additionally, our product supports many communication protocols including Modbus-RTU and Profibus-DP.

Recommended Devices
Sfere series power quality monitor
PD19 series power quality monitor
WDH-31 series motor protection controller

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