Municipal Power Monitoring System

Typical Cases
Guangzhou Nansha Administrative Center
Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department
Wujiang Administrative Center

Features of Municipal Construction
Municipal constructions mainly refer to intelligent buildings, because conventional buildings can't meet the functional requirements nowadays. For intelligent building, a complete management system should be set up, covering automatic control, energy metering, electrical fire protection, etc.

Recommended Design
Considering the monitoring operation of power supply, SDP5100 series microcomputer protection devices and PD19 series power quality monitors are recommended to detect and monitor different areas. The detected data are connected to the building automatic control system, and the energy consumption parameters are uploaded to the energy management system, realizing compressive monitoring.

As for electrical fire protection, SCK600 series electrical fire detectors are used to check residual current and real-time detect temperature for each electric loop, inlet wire and outlet wire. The combination of SCK600 electrical fire detector and SCK680 electrical fire alarm and control unit is perfectly achieved, and they can finish centralized monitoring as well as on-line parameter setting operations.

Key Devices
SCK 600 series electrical fire detector
Sfere3000 power monitoring system
PA2000 series power quality monitor
PD19 series power quality monitor
SCK600 electrical fire alarm and control system

Related Names
Municipal Power Plant Management | Electrical Parameter Measurement | Building Automation Instrument