Power Monitoring System in Nuclear Power Station

Major Projects
Guangdong Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station
Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Project
Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant

Characteristics of Nuclear Power
The oil crisis highlights energy safety in the world, which is mainly reflected in the contradiction between energy demand and short storage. Nuclear power will guarantee the long-term energy safety, promote high technology as well as relevant industries, and improve global environment.

Here is a brief introduction on the nuclear power
1. Nuclear power generating won't emit a large amount of pollutants to the environment, which differs a lot from fossil fuel. Thus, air pollution is avoided.
2. Carbon dioxide won't be generated, and this is very meaningful to control the greenhouse effect.
3. For nuclear power generating mode, the fuel cost ratio is relatively lower, which means that the total cost is not likely to be influenced by international economic situation. So, the cost is more stable when compared with other methods.

Key Equipment
Sfere series power quality monitor
PD19 series power quality monitor
Digital meter

Related Names
Power Quality Monitor of Nuclear Power Plant | Nuclear Station Safety System