Power Monitoring System in Petrochemical Industry

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Needs of Petrochemical Industry
For large petrochemical plant, the power distribution system is supposed to run in a safe, reliable, reasonable and economical way. Stable power supply is a must, and high power quality is also very essential due to the large amount of low or medium voltage machines.

SDP5100 series protection devices provide dependable measurement and protection for the entire medium voltage system, and the protection items covers motor protection, capacitor protection, input wire protection, transformer output wire protection, etc.

Sfere series power quality monitor fits for the measurement of different electrical parameters, such as common parameters, harmonic waves, positive/negative current and voltage, unbalance factor, and more. Meanwhile, this product offers different alarming modes, thus, detailed information can be transferred as soon as possible when the power grid fluctuates.

Sfere3000 power monitoring software works together with S3000 network communication controller, and they have double network ports. These machines can real-time monitor main system server and spare system server simultaneously, guaranteeing the data safety.

Case: High Voltage Automatic System in Baotailong Methanol Company
Our field installed SDP5100 series protection devices are used for on-site measurement and protection, and it cooperates with network communication controllers to form two working systems, one is main system and the other is spare system. Usually, the two systems work simultaneously without interrupting each other. But, if one system breaks down, the other system keeps normal running.

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