Power Monitoring System in Manufacturing Industry

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Fujian Longyan Cigarette Plant
FAW-VW Automobile Co., Ltd

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Features of Manufacturing Industry
In modern society, the economy develops very fast, and the manufacturing industry has come into its golden time, resulting in an increased demand on electric power. Thus, intelligent power management is also highly required, because a perfect management system can not only cut down human resource cost, but also well controls energy cost. At the same time, plenty of intelligent control equipment is introduced into manufacturing industry to improve production efficiency, including transformer, motor, PLC, rectifier, frequency converter, voltage adjustment device, etc. The application of these advanced instruments greatly raises production efficiency and saves total cost.

People make mistakes, so do the machines. Considering this, some measures must be carried out for the low voltage power distribution system to ensure the safe running of automatic equipment, to guarantee reliable performance of low voltage power distribution system, to effectively enhance power factor and reduce harm caused by harmonic.

For switch cabinets in every power distribution room, PD194Z multifunction meter is an excellent choice. It precisely detects the electrical parameters of power grid, and meets data collecting requirements of power management system and energy management system with the help of two practical functions, which are bi-directional electricity calculation and multi-tariff electricity measurement. When the power quality is highly required, our power quality monitors can offer detailed information about power quality parameters after installation.

When it comes to a low voltage power distribution system, our LBK series harmonic elimination type reactive power compensation module, whose reactance factor is 7%, is used to make up reactive power. WGK-31 series automatic reactive power compensation controller is applied for switching control, ensuring that the power factor doesn't drop below 0.9. Also, system-generated harmonic is suppressed, and the low-voltage end is able to work normally.

The communication network is a very crucial part, and it deserves special attention. At present, there are many large factories, and simply using RS485 network is obviously far from satisfaction. The S3000 network communication controllers are recommended to be fixed at all monitoring points or in power distribution rooms, and data will be uploaded to the central control room through local area network after the data have been separately collected. Thus, a larger communication network may come into existence, and the access capacity is also improved.

All the data are collected for human, and our Sphere3000 power monitoring software is the perfect product for management system. With the help of this software, many power monitoring and energy managing functions are realized.

Case 1: Power Monitoring System for Fujian Longyan Cigarette Plant
The communication controller and TCP/IP network are used to integrate different meters, DC panels, temperature controllers, protection devices and other instruments into an entire network, realizing centralized monitoring of all the power supply units and power supply circuits.

Case 2: Henan Tianguan Group
Based on the specific condition of this low voltage power distribution system, harmonic filtering and reactive power compensating designs are adopted. The harmonic elimination type reactive power compensating module is fixed inside the low voltage electric capacity centralized compensating cabinet to restrain harmonic. The power factor of the system reaches up to over 0.95, and the total harmonic distortion is reduced under the Chinese national standard. As a result, the running cost of power system is saved, and the system reliability is improved significantly. Additionally, the safe working of automatic equipment is achieved as well.

Major Devices
Sfere3000 power monitoring system
Sfere series power quality monitor
PD19 series power quality monitor
S3000 network communication controller
WDH-31 series motor protection controller
Reactive power automatic compensation controller (WGK)
Harmonic elimination reactive power compensation module

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