Power Monitoring System in Power Station

Representative Projects
Shenhua Power Plant
Shanghai Yangshupu Power Plant
Khan Khwar Hydroelectric Power Station in Pakistan
Shandong Zouxian Power Plant
Suzhou Huaneng Power Plant

Features of Power Industry
The integrated automation system of substation is characterized by integrated function, micro-computerized structure, digital display of measurement, screen-revealed operation, intelligent operation management, etc. There are various machines responsible for measurement, control, protection, metering and other functions, so unattended or few-people-attended automation system is of great significance for substations.

The substations possess different voltage level and importance, so the unattended operations are achieved via different methods. However, the key factor stays the same. We should take technical measures to enhance the automation degree, to reduce the working risk, to cut down time spent in trouble shooting. In this way, the substation can run in a more reliable way.

Our Plan
SDP5100 series microcomputer protection devices meet the protection and measuring demands for 35kV and below systems, including conventional circuit protection, spare power automatic switching, sectional protection, capacitor protection, PT protection and parataxis, main and backup protections of transformer, differential protection and integrated protection for motor, etc.

For metering function, our PD19 series power quality monitor and an even more advanced product, namely Sfere series power quality monitor, are highly recommended. They are suitable for bi-directional 4-quardrant electricity calculation as well as multi-tariff electricity metering.

If the automation system is equipped with Sfere3000 power monitoring software, our client can integrate automatic monitoring and metering functions, and the advantages are listed below.
1. Control and adjustment operations are carried out by the computer, so misoperation is avoided, and human labor is saved.
2. Owing to the equipment surveillance and self-detection, the machine repair circle is extended, and reliable performance is offered.
3. The integrated automation of substation is on the basis of computer technology, and it is scalable.
4. Fewer people and manual operation are involved, cutting down the risk of man-made accidents.
5. Our product reduces required floor area as well as investment for further construction, and the operating cost and maintenance cost are both lowered. The reliability of equipment is enhanced, allowing convenient maintenance, and operator is released from heavy operation work. Also, the power supply time is prolonged, and there is less down time. As shown by the above features, we can see that the economic benefit is improved to a large extent.

Core Machines
Sfere series power quality monitor
PD19 series power quality monitor
SDP5100 microcomputer protection device
S3000 network communication controller

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