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Traits of Traffic Industry
Rail transit and expressway are very common but important for daily life, and the low/medium power distribution system plays a crucial role in assuring the normal working of such transportation systems. Intelligent and unattended operation modes become the inevitable trend for these power distribution systems.

With the help of advanced optical network technology, Sfere3000 power monitoring system and intelligent digital interface make many outstanding functions come into being, such as unattended control of lighting device, dynamic setting of remote alarming value, real-time power line protection and information recording, as well as data collecting, storage and processing, etc.

As for on-site measurement and control, our products are also applicable. For instance, SDP5100 computer protection equipment fits for 10kV high voltage system, and it possesses different protection, metering and control functions. For 380V system, our Sfere series, PA2000 series and PD19 series power quality monitors exactly meet the requirements of electrical parameter detection and power grid quality analysis. The digital input and relay output modules feedback the field switching state, and remotely control the circuit breaker. Additionally, the communication system takes advantage of optical looped network to create a reliable TCP/IP network.

In the low-voltage power distribution system, LBK series harmonic elimination type reactive power compensation module with reactance coefficient of 7% is applied to compensate reactive power. WGK-31 series automatic reactive power compensation controller is used to make sure that the power factor of the low voltage system is not lower than 0.9, and it can also suppress harmonic, guaranteeing safe work of the low-voltage end.

Case: Power Supply Monitoring and Control for Tunnels of Anmao Expressway
The main optical fiber network lays an important foundation for the project, and there is one network communication controller for each substation in 12 tunnels. Meanwhile, PA2000-3 multifunction harmonic analyzer, SDP5100 computer protection device and others are fixed in-place. As a result, real-time data monitoring and collecting are realized, and the data are uploaded to management center through optical fiber network. All the control demands assigned by the management center are delivered to the communication controller on the working site, and then are sent to intelligent equipment in every circuit, achieving relevant control actions.

Key Products
Sfere3000 power monitoring system
Sfere series power quality monitor
PA2000 series power quality monitor
PD19 series power quality monitor
S3000 network communication controller
Reactive power automatic compensation controller (WGK)
Harmonic elimination reactive power compensation module

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